Once Upon an Autumn Day

Once Upon an autumn day, Colorful leaves began to fade In the midst of a chilly, frosty air As multitude of trees grew steadily bare. Once upon an autumn day, The whispering breeze was here to stay Moving aimlessly through the countless trees Scattering leaves with the greatest of ease. Once upon an autumn day, […]

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Favourite Sons..

Our favorite sons, we welcome you Back to your stomping grounds and home, Back to the scenes of your innocent years Where you casually wanted to safely roam. As carefree youngsters you aimlessly hiked Through the highlands and narrow dale, Back to the babbling brooks so crystal clear And the adjacent fields you remembered so […]

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Amidst subconscious feelings of joy and relief, She wakes up to a life, one stress free. Getting on her knees, she’s happy to believe That this day would soothe her life’s tree. When she’s finally ready, giddy to move She came to herself in thoughts of realization: ‘How soon this burden of college’s been removed?’ […]

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